I believe the best testimonial comes directly from my clients.

Lindy takes the time to listen to where your trouble areas are and works to alleviate those areas gently. She has a warm and comforting environment that allows you to relax. I would recommend Lindy to all my friends and family!

Kimberl M. On December 6,2015


Very professional!!! Medical background very beneficial in helping to tailor massage to meet the needs of the client. My husband and I have been seeing Lindy since her schooling and have seen how she continues to improve her skills and broaden her services. She is a big part of our wellness plan.

John and Linda C. on December 6, 2015


Lindy Wood is my massage therapist and she has helped me tremendously. I don't even go to my chiropractor anymore, because my massages help me. When you go to see Lindy, she is always on time, a smile on her face, listens, and always ask you if you are having any problem areas that need to be worked on. There is nothing that Lindy can improve on . . . she is the best!

Tammy M. on May 13, 2015


Lindy is always professional and she has the ability to find the muscular issues within my body and releases them and the pain. I have a greater range of motion free from pain. I highly recommend Lindy and the work that she does.

Julie H. on May 12, 2015


I have worked with Lindy since she started her clinicals while in school for Massage therapy. Her growth has been outstanding. She listens and understands your needs and takes a holistic approach to healing using massage. Most recently, I've been seeing her on a regular basis for massage and the difference that I've seen in my stress level and daily coping skills has been amazing. She always has something new to bring to the table and has fun using a variety of massage techniques. Lindy is very knowledgable about her field and I would highly recommend her to anyone, whether they are looking for something therapeutic or just a relaxing massage.

Sarah G. on May 12, 2015


Great massage therapist who is attuned to your body & what it needs to provide release of tight areas & total relaxation. She offers facials & sugar scrubs for the ultimate enhancement to her massages.

Linda J. on April 22, 2015


I have had three cold stone therapies thus far for my migraines. I noticed from day one relief of at least 50% after the first treatment and the next morning my headache was completely gone. My second treatment worked much faster and now my third treatment seems to be keeping the migraine at bay.
I highly recommend this treatment for anyone who suffers with migraines. This certainly is a wonderful treatment. Right from when you feel the cold stones applied to your face you start to feel a bit of release. You can feel it working in soothing.
Lindy you are an amazing massage therapist!!! I thank you daily for the clarity, peace, & soothing all my pain!
Cold Stone believer,
SS (12/8/14)




I recommend LIndy Wood as an outstanding professional in massage therapy.     Dr. Lori J Bellwood CNM    6/28/13



Oh what a night just for me . . Had a wonderful massage with Lindy Wood at Muscle Relaxer. This is the best massage I have ever had. So, if you want a night for just you, call Lindy at Muscle Relaxer in Turner. You will not be disappointed.
Thank you, Lindy for a great massage. See you in four weeks for another relaxing night just for me.

Tammy M.   6/18/13



 Thank you for the wonderful massage, I don't realize how much I need it until I get on that soft, cozy and warm table of yours. Then you begin to work your magic and I feel my muscles respond and relax. It feels so good that it is so sad when it's time to go, I want to stay on that table FOREVER! But I guess I must share and take turns.    Do me a favor.   If you are like me and don't do many things for yourself, go to Muscle Relaxer.  She has great rates and healing hands.  You deserve it!!!  Don't forget to "like" her Muscle Relaxer page on FB.                    

Susan S.  2/23/13


As many of my friends know, I have been struggling with the daily pain and other symptoms of RSD in both of my hands and arms. Everyday is a struggle to accomplish daily tasks. Recently I have been having therapeutic Swedish massage by an amazing massage therapist, Lindy Wood... It has helped me in so many ways deal and manage my pain. Lindy listens to what you say and taylors her massage to benefit you the most. It is a great way to relax and keep your body healthy!  She is located right here is Turner.  Check her out - you will not regret it at all! Thank you so much Lindy for all you are doing to help me!                      KV 1/23/13


I think you were born to be a massage therapist. You, who love people and really care about their wellbeing, have found the perfect way to tend to all of us who feel the need of some TLC.  You created a wonderfully soothing atmosphere with the toasty table, soft light and quiet music playing. You always asked about any aches or pains and I always felt very safe. Every month you got more confident and professional. The first massage was a treat and they just got better and better. They were SO RELAXING.  I can't wait to come back in December and every month after that. I'm sure you will ace the exam. I've always felt very lucky to have you for a friend and I very proud of you for making this great effort.    PA  11.10.10


 I would recommend Lindy Wood for a pregnancy massage professional.  It was a learning experience for the both of us.  I had never had a massage when I was pregnant with my first child because I didn't know if it was safe or not.  Lindy reassured me that she would take great care of me and my baby.  We had to figure out what the best way and the most comfortable way for me and my explanding belly.  The first few massages I went for we had to change it up a little.  Lindy always asked me if I was comfortable and made sure that nothing was hurting me.  As my belly really popped out I used the yoga ball to sit on first so she could massage my back (my troubled spot) and then I relaxed on the table for the rest of the massage.  Every minute was wonderful. I think everytime I went to see Lindy I told her that she has magic hands and that she was meant to give massages to people.  She made me into a new person everytime I saw her.  Now that I am not pregnant I have returned for a regular massage to relieve the stress of my two wonderful boys and I will continue to keep coming back for more.                         MR  12.1.10