Muscle Relaxer Protocols

Please review my Massage Policies and ongoing Protocol's.   5/31/21

Plan to arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled massage appointment time  ( 20-30 mins for a new client ) to review your health history and so we can begin your session on time.  Due to scheduling, late arrivals will end at the schedule time ( ie:  arrive 10:50a, appointment time 11 - 12p ). 

I will be offering 30 or 60 minute massages or lymphatic balancing only.  A face mask is required to receive my services. Porch massage sessions will begin in May 18th 2021 - October 2021 ( as long as the days are warm enough )  The porch has screens and blinds for privacy.  A perfect place with excellent air flow and relaxation.   Soft comfy warmed sheets, soft music, nature and non nature sounds to make it a lovely experience.     

The massage room will be available, by requesting at booking, for those that do not wish to have their session on the porch.  The massage room is lightly lit, table is warmed and the sheets are soft and the music relaxing.  A face mask is required to receive my services.    I have purchased an air purifier & it moves the air in the massage room.  I will also be using a window fan as needed.         

Your Massage session can be booked by calling, texting or email.  

All clients (established and new) that have not been seen here since March 2020 will be required to fill out a new health screen form to be filled out and brought to your first session.  These need to be updated every few yrs.  You will bring it completed to your appointment .  Let me know if you do not have a printer and I will send it to you.

If you don’t feel well,  please contact me prior to your appt time and I'll reschedule you’re appointment.  Open sores, ticks, wounds, poison ivy, lesions are also reasons to reschedule.  This will keep both of us and our families safer.  

I will be working on Tues - Thu am ( 8:50a, 10:50a),  Tues - Thurs pm (12:50p, 2:50p, 4:50p).  I will be spacing the times so that I can get things cleaned, re-organized and rest. 

Upon arrival:

Stay in your car on arrival until greet you from the breezeway door.  I will wear a mask.   You will wear a mask.   If you have any limitations on wearing a mask we will discuss that at time of booking.

I will take temperatures on arrival with a non-contact thermometer (I will check mine daily as well) . Anyone with a temp 100.4 or over will not receive a massage and will be referred to their doctor  Per CDC guidelines.  I will provide hand sanitizer.  We will review the Covid-19 questions every visit as well.   We will review your health screen or current health / areas of concern or discomfort.  Then I will leave the room and you will undress and  rest you clothes on the white table  or hang your clothes on the hooks on back of the door and settle face down on the massage bed.  I will enter when you are settled by knocking and entering slowly.

After your massage I will leave you to redress and meet you back in the breezeway to complete your session with payment and re-booking if desired.

 All surfaces will be disinfected before and after each massage. Linens changed and laundered as per CDC guidelines.

Any questions or concerns.....please contact me at 207 907 6064