Renewal Package: 100 - 120 mins

Experience a exfoliating scrub to your legs, back, arms, hands, face and feet and a Swedish massage at the same time.  I make seasonal sugar scrubs with essential oils. Your tension will be gone and your skin will feel soft and smooth for weeks.

Cost $130.   ( Value $140.00 )


Toning Facial Massage: 45 - 50 mins       


This is a stimulating, toning massage that is luxurious, safe and a effective method of treating the problem of sluggish, aging, and environmentally damaged skin without surgery.

Treatment begins with a process that prepares your skin to receive the massage.  This stimulating massage uses a compliment of Al-di-la (Italian for 'beyond beautiful) products that achieve the best possible response from your skin.

Following your facial massage, warm towels will be applied to your neck and face to calm and relax you.  I will massage your feet while you rest and rejuvenation after your massage.  ©Kelly Lott Productions, LLC

Cost $60.  ( value $85 )



Add to Massage:

Toning Facial Massage: $50.00

Exfoliating Feet: $10.00



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